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In our over communicated world, it is no longer the case that if you build it - say it - write it - speak it - invite them - that they will come. Or learn, or follow, or donate, or buy, or talk - about YOU, your cause, your business, your event.

Today, social communication platforms have revolutionized how we reach people with our messages - how we raise money - how we sell tickets - and how we create ‘buzz’.  Today, we are on Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Twitter.  We blog.  We text.  Often in real time!  We “check in” when we arrive, we “chat” when we are there, and we “post” about where we were, what we did - AND - what we thought about it all.

Tweeting Butler Services:

  1. * Tweeting Personal - we tweet - for you, using your Twitter ID - documenting your experience & commentary

  1. * Tweeting Social/Tweeting Cultural - Butlers will be chosen who match the style of your event - jazz enthusiasts for a jazz concert, theater types for a theatrical performance - use 1 or as many as 10 personally chosen and trained to create a special buzz for your event.

  1. *Tweeting Events - for your fundraising events - perfect for Walks and large outdoor events, Galas, etc. - we create your case for support in a tweeting kind of way!

  1. *Tweeting White Glove - from your wedding or elegant event, when discretion, maturity and decorum is a must!

  1. *Tweeting Advocates - we advocate for causes and issues where gaining positive public opinion is integral - perfect for informational demonstrations, legislative hearings, political campaigns.

  1. *Tweeting Anytime - let us manage your Twitter account, keeping a steady flow of relevant content, populating new followers, re-tweeting, etc. (can also tie in with Facebook).

Yes, we develop your specialized Hashtags for you.

NOTE:  White Label service provided...appropriate for subcontract work with other public relations consultants and companies.....we have the model, let us help you and your clients.


The Tweeting Butler - at your service!

Tweeting Butler is a specialty service of Tapestry Communications -


“Forward-thinking arts executives believe that social media could enrich the experience offered by the production.”

“ can be used as a powerful community-building, networking and even fundraising tool for associations and non-profits.”

“Most CEOs should accept that social media is part of their job description.”

"Isn't this cool?" the former banker asked the crowd. "We're even tweeting, for those of you who know what that is." (RI Foundation economic forum)

TWEETING BUTLER is a specialty service of TAPESTRY COMMUNICATIONS, a marketing and public relations company, which also offers social platform development (see  to our clients.  Now are are pleased to offer our unique Twitter services either as part of our package along with other communications and public relations tools - OR - as a standalone service.

WANT TO BE A TWEETING BUTLER?  Send us an email with your interests & Twitter @ - we want you!


Contact:  401-447-8182;;


Twitter:  @TweetingButler

LinkedIn:  Tapestry Communications -

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   Yes!  You can hire a butler!

  1. * The TWEETING BUTLER is available in a variety of ways.  All services are priced affordably for most individual/company budgets.

  1. * Nonprofit organizations receive special discount rates as part of TAPESTRY COMMUNICATIONS tradition of ‘doing well by doing good’.

  1. * TAPESTRY COMMUNICATIONS clients also receive discounted rates.

  1. * All fees are quoted upfront and individually as all needs are unique.  Call us today to discuss your project(s).